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Ensō Innōvations is an architecture innovation company working to make buildings more sustainable and affordable for all by embracing principles of the circular economy. Our vision is to redefine revenue in terms of environmental full-cost accounting that would contribute to the health of both people and nature.

Our unique approach uses cutting edge computational techniques that take advantage of Artificial Intelligence, Parametric Design, Simulation, and Optimization to evaluate thousands of possible design solutions, finding the right balance of trade-offs. Our solutions are informed by local conditions, pragmatic use of resources, and sustainability standards such as LEED and WELL.

We believe that true sustainability cannot be achieved without considering the wellbeing of occupants in those spaces. This is why deep analysis and optimization of accessibility, daylight conditions, air quality, and thermal balance is at the core of our work.
Energy & Water Efficiency
Going beyond net-zero energy consumption, we strive for net-positive buildings that produce more energy than they consume. Careful use and treatment of water is also central to our goals.
Resource Use
Inspired by the “Cradle to Cradle” life cycle concept, we want to make sure that our analysis takes into consideration a holistic view of each building project looking for opportunities to reclaim, reuse, and repurpose existing elements.
Smart Buildings
Continuous Improvement is at the core of our approach in designing sustainability solutions. Designing buildings that can improve over time, by the use of sensors and monitoring of ongoing operations, is at the core of validating that buildings are operating as intended and reducing the total cost of ownership.