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Cross-Laminated Timber

Cross-laminated timber is a large format, engineered wood panel made from sustainably harvested softwood lumber. It belongs to a category of structural materials collectively known as mass timber. CLT offers a sustainable, cost-effective, and human centered construction alternative to concrete and steel that is better for people and the planet.

Strong | Sustainable | Superior

Although wood has been used as a construction material for thousands of years, it is only quite recently that modern mass timber products and the prefabricated methods of construction they enable have become more mainstream. The new design possibilities and environmental performance offered by CLT have sparked a revolution in wood construction.

CLT and other factory-built mass timber products are strong, safe, and healthier for building occupants. Mass timber is transforming the construction industry, enabling us to build virtually any size and type of building in wood, and these high-performance, beautiful wood buildings, are locally manufactured from sustainably sourced lumber.

Mass Timber Made Easy

From homes, cottages, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to large commercial buildings, multi-unit developments and beyond, we make the decision to use mass timber an easy one. We offer a fully integrated suite of professional services and products as a single point solution for the design, supply, and construction of mass timber structures. Services include design assistance, cost consulting, 3D modelling, engineering, fabrication, and assembly.

Thanks to transformational industry innovations like CLT, the future of construction is moving offsite. Factory-built mass timber solutions that can be rapidly assembled on site are the key to the significant gains in construction efficiency and building performance that we need to not only improve our built environment, but also reduce its carbon footprint.

Greater Cost Certainty
Shorter Construction Timelines
Reduces Waste Greater Sustainability
Consistent Quality
Improved Worker Health & Safety
Reduced Reliance on On-Site Labour